A vacation can only be complete if you have the best of your destination’s cuisines. As such, it is imperative to be informed of the best spots offering the best food. Should you set foot in Vegas, the Mandalay Bay Resort is the hotspot of the best of Vegas' restaurants, and the food is quite incredible. The following are the best restaurants there:

2. Libertine Social

Libertine Social

Libertine Social is another impressive joint in the Mandalay Resort. Their highly experienced mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim is known to pull off fantastic cocktails that will leave you asking for more. Chef Shawn McCain, on the other hand, will blow you away with his amazing recipes. How about giving their skirt steak or fennel & sausage flatbread graced with some garlic knots, oysters, and caviar fried eggs a try? Alongside their Barbados Red Rum Swizzle, you will be all psyched up for the Sin City's party nights.