Handpick pumpkins, apples, and more fresh fall produce at this local Las Vegas orchard.

Visiting Gilcrease Orchard is a great Fall activity for the family. Visitors can handpick pumpkins, squash, gourds, apples, and more fresh produce straight from the vine to purchase and take home. 

Stroll around the orchard through rows upon rows of pumpkins and sunflowers, along with peach, pear, and apple trees. You can pick anything that you’d like, so stock up on fresh, locally grown fruits and veggies. Prices are listed on their website

The orchard is beautiful. It’s a scenic property with mountains as the backdrop. This is the perfect place to have a fall photoshoot!


During the fall season they make and sell homemade cinnamon sugar donuts with frosting, plus fresh apple and pear cider on site. Enjoy these treats while you browse, cause you probably won’t be able to wait until you get home, or pick them up on your way out if you have the willpower to wait that long.


This is a wonderful seasonal outing for kids and families. Even though it’s fall, it’s still warm here in Vegas. Make sure you bring water, sunscreen, and a hat or have some source of shade. Closed-toed comfortable shoes are also a must. 

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed at the orchard due to food safety reasons. 

Gilcrease Orchard is currently open on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 7 to 10 am. It’s located at 7800 N Tenaya Way, Las Vegas, NV 89131, about 30 minutes from The Strip. 

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